As the days lengthen and the temperatures increase the pace of spring growth increases. Buds open. Shoots emerge and elongate. The pace of change is dizzying. Capture these fleeting moments in photographs to enjoy year round.

Photos above:

  1. Leucojum vernum – Spring snowflake – dangling white and green flowers
  2. Veratrum – False Hellebore – fresh green pleated shoots
  3. Chaenomeles japonica – Flowering Quince – Beautiful pastel blooms
  4. Aesculus pavia – Red Buckeye – Flower and leaf buds unfurling
  5. Chaenomeles japonica – Flowering Quince – Shoots outlined against the sky
  6. Lamprocapnos spectabilis – (Was Dicentra) Bleeding Heart – Flowers emerging
  7. Polystichum polyblepharum – A fuzzy fern frond unrolling