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Unfurling and Uncurling -Spring growth

As the days lengthen and the temperatures increase the pace of spring growth increases. Buds open. Shoots emerge and elongate. The pace of change is dizzying. Capture these fleeting moments in photographs to enjoy year round. Photos above: Leucojum vernum – Spring snowflake – dangling white and green flowers Veratrum – False Hellebore – fresh…

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Welcome spring – trees breaking bud

The star-like white flowers of Magnolia stellata, the star Magnolia (shown above), are some of the first Magnolias to bloom in the spring.  The  strappy tepals (sepals and petals) explode from tightly packed, fuzzy buds when a few warm days spur new spring growth. Magnolia x loebneri‘ Leonard Messel’ blooms are similar in shape, but slightly…

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More Witch Hazels for winter into spring bloom

The Hamamelis season is in full swing here at Northview. Many of the witch hazel flowers are out earlier this year as the weather has been mild  this winter, although combined with one of the heaviest snowfalls recorded in Philadelphia. I have been thinking about witch hazels for the last few weeks. I was lecturing at…

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Philadelphia Flower Show 2015

The largest indoor flower show in the world opens tomorrow at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The annual taste of spring for all of us gardeners who are starved of the color and smell of the earth and flowers is a treat that we look forward to all winter. The Theme this year is ‘Celebrate the…

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Touches of Color in the Winter Garden

Despite all the moaning about the weather and how cold it has been for the last few weeks, the complaining is often followed by the refrain, ‘but thank goodness I am not in Boston’. We have had snow, frozen rain, and other unidentifiable frozen precipitation, but not the feet of snow that have fallen on…

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Snowy details in the garden

We had several snow falls this week accompanied by bitter cold. Trips to the compost heap were about all the garden visiting possible until today when the temperatures have risen to around freezing. The winter garden is shades of sepia and white. The tiny details of old plant stems are outlined in relief against the…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. A new year brings another year of expectation in the garden. We always hope that this gardening year will be better than ever! At least this year we are not submerged in snow like last year. Winter is still young, we will see what nature has in store for us.

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