I am excited to announce the release of my next book for Timber Press – The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide. Coming out on July 5th 2022, the book contains over 600 photographs – most of them I took myself to illustrate the flowers and design ideas outlined in the book.

The book begins with a chapter that helps you to think about what type of flowers you may wish to add to your garden by creating your own Flower Wish List. There are handy lists and photos that show the diversity of flower shapes that add interest and sparkle to your flower beds.

The second chapter details how to enjoy a seasonal garden in The Flower Gardener’s Calendar. Chapter three is an extensive catalog of some of the flowery plants that you could include in your garden. There are about 175 of them – done in a recipe book style – Photo at the top – or photos where there is a lot of variety within the genus – below that there are at a glance information blocks. This enables you to quickly see if it is the type of flower that you might want to add to your flower garden – just like you would do if you were cooking and looking for good ingredients.

The final two chapters take you through the process of actually creating your flower bed or garden – from deciding where to place it, how to install and maintain it, and how to design your own flower bed – with plenty of garden inspiration and styles – such as cottage gardens, pollinator gardens, cutting gardens and gardens for your senses.

I am so excited to share this with you. I have gardened all my life and learned so much along the way from other kind gardeners who have shared their plants and their wisdom – I am happy to share. Please feel free to contact me and continue the gardening conversation. If you would like to see lots of photos of my garden please follow me on Instagram @Northviewgarden and @jennyrosecarey

The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide by Jenny Rose Carey, Timber Press 2022