This dahlia plant is at least four foot tall by September. I grow the dahlias in a fenced in cutting garden to prevent the ‘varmints’ from eating them. In spring the tubers are planted in a five inch deep hole in raised beds filled with soil and compost. A sturdy stake is put in at the time of planting and the garden looks ridiculous until the dahlias start to grow. The hole is backfilled as the shoot grows. The beds are mulched and watered deeply once a week if necessary. I use wood ashes and bonemeal to fertilize occasionally. The dahlia stems are tied to their stakes as they grow. The natural twine is tied in a figure eight loop around the stake and the stem to allow room for some growth and movement. The spent blooms are removed to encourage more bud development. Cut and keep cutting your flowers. Give them away or make bunches for your house. Flowers are the best present.